God, the music conductor


was looking through a serious of encouragement and i came across this one.


and so yea….

had this vision where God is the conductor, and then there’s us playing our very own music piece. i can visualize our music scores have a lot of tao gay from C to high C, and rest etc… the timing for each piece is different. haha.. life is like a music piece. =)

another one is…. you know how in order to play the piano, u need 2 hands and of course 2 bars, bass clef and treble clef, play one bar… sounds pretty normal. but when you play bass clef and treble clef. man… it’s very beautiful. for eg, canon in D..

i guess likewise for a relationship, we have different tao gay and rest bar in our lives, but as long we play both bass clef and treble clef… the relationship is created beautifully onto a music piece.


im still feeling edgy. hope this feeling quickly go soon…..


I am destine for greatness!!

started the morning by running after the bus. felt power. hahaha… the bus was at the traffic, and i gotta run to another bus stop in order to catch the bus to go for morning pm. was really really gooood. in a way, my morning exercise. ha!

well.. since this is a thought.. how about a chew on this..

little ripples, makes a huge difference…


jus feeling rather low. here’s the real world… need some encouragement? a hug? well… yea… it’ll make me feel better..

i had the strangest dream ytd, i dreamt i was working in overjoyed and handling an art gallery shop. hmmmmmmm… is it strange? =X

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